This really pisses me off... 😡

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    I know right! Why isn't it "message"? And no trailing comma? Wtf!
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    @shellbug lol! shame on me.
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    @jordinebot just kidding.

    Why is that <script> tag like that? Did you try to find some plugin that helps you with that syntax highlighting?

    I use vim, react and flow, and sometimes the syntax breaks too, and I'm left with blocks of code all in the same color. 😱😡😭🤢
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    @shellbug yeah, it sucks... I'm using neovim. This is a *.vue component file. I have both vim-javascript and vim-vue plugins installed. This opening script tag is broken in both ft=javascript and ft=vue. Ironically it looks fine if I :set ft=html

    Damn it! XD
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    @Letmecode just curious, do you use the *stable* release 0.2.0_1 or the latest --HEAD?
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    @Jop- the editor is Neovim but the emoji is photoshoped 😅
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    Why isn't your JS and CSS nested properly?
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    @ctmalloy what do you mean?
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    @jordinebot the whole lot between the respective tags should be indented, yeah?
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    @jordinebot damn, I was really hoping you had frowny faces for your break points
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    @ctmalloy oh yeah, you're right :) Thanks
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    @afreitas well I guess it's factible...
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