Coming back to C++ after working in modern js-land for two years. Actually feels super sweet. I've missed overthinking everything.

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    Tfw C++ is the only language I know besides fucking MATLAB.
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    @Snatchedd dude, look at anything!

    I'm going to take a look at kotlin in not too many weeks, already played a bit in swift!

    Just take a look at ANYTHING!
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    @Snatchedd I highly recommend a look at Javascript (it's dead simple in comparison), and a functional language like Haskell to rewire your brain making you doubt you know programming at all, lol. Just persevere, it's worth it, I promise. You can thank me afterwards :)
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    I'm not really a developer by profession/title, I do only mathematical programming for engineering applications (science bitch) so I guess I'll just stick to C++. But who knows what the future will be :)
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    @Snatchedd well I know many maths researchers who mostly use python so that might be something though :) how far are you education wise?
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    @devmg only thesis work (currently WIP) remaining for MSc graduation
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    @Snatchedd wow great work! Good luck :)
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    @devmg thanks dude!
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