I lack inspiration to practice my c++ and it's infuriating, the result is no code written in over a week.
I have extremely high expectations for myself and right now I lose sleep, sanity and any little self esteem I had in me regarding my progress
I know you can't rush knowledge, but I just want to built something at my level of practice that is somewhat useful to me and / or others, but when I do it, it's either shit or someone my level made it way better even if I really put some efforts in it
I won't quit but jesus this just feels awful.

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    Dont worry, be happy!.... . . . . .... . .. . . .... .. .. . ...... . . .
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    That's dumb. I don't mean you are dumb. You are most probably very clever. What I mean is don't try so hard! Writing good code is important, ok, but it's the ideas that really drive innovations! Being so harsh on yourself will not make you a better programmer. We are artists. The stubborn ones. Start believing in yourself and the rest will come.
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    It's times like these where development is so very analagous to artistry.
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    @Defi4NT What @dontPanic said! I would also like to add not to be afraid doing what others have done "better". See it as a challenge to improve on that or if you can't see any improvement, try to implement it yourself without looking the code. There are many paths in knowledge and sitting idle is not one of them. 😉
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    If there's one thing I've come to expect as a developer it's that it's very likely someone else has already attempted to do what you're doing.

    Don't let that discourage you. Even if someone else has already done it, it doesn't mean that they did it perfectly, and it doesn't mean that you won't learn something by doing it yourself.

    This is one time reinventing the wheel can actually be a good thing, because you will darn well learn a lot about wheels in the process.

    One thing though is certain: if you don't attempt it, you're not going to learn anything.
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