"Don't call it Application, call it Website. If you Code produces an executable that the user can run then call it Application". Fcking WEBDESIGNERS

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    I respectfully disagree, however, applications need to come back to the desktop. All hail electron for bringing in us bastard web designers.
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    I also disagree.

    An application is not a website just because it runs in a browser.

    The difference is more in its goal.

    A website is a collection of pages presenting information.

    An application is much more interactive and often solves a problem.

    Also, a website is more passive information while in an application the user/visitor affects the information directly.

    Our web applications contains more c# than html/css and javascript combined.

    The web is just another gui like windows forms.

    And finally, unless you are building a compiler, your code will not produce an executable, it might be transformed into an executable =D
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    If logic runs in your browser it is an application. You download it and run locally. If the logic runs on the server them it is a website.
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    I'd even turn that around - don't call my carefully crafted Web Application a 'Website', it does so much more than just presenting text and articles...
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    I dont want to trigger webdesigners.
    For me its always going to be a Website doesnt matter how many JavaScript Frameworks you use.
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    Beg to differ. It's an application, and you're delivering an executable, in the form of .Jar, .War, .Js, .Php etc.
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    @tirthaguha Sure , i know so many users that Dowload and run .php or .js files
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    @iNCEPTiON well

    This is a javascript version of quake.

    Is it still a website?

    By the way, its the original c++ code cross compiles into javascript ;)

    More info here
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    @iNCEPTiON the user is the owner of the application, and in this case, the company or person who pays to get application created.
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    Sure nowadays People use JavaScript for everything. Is it Right? Nahh hell no ;)

    If this trend continues Future Programmers wont know shit about Computer Science since there will be a Javascript Framework for everything. :)

    80 % of the "developers" ive interviewed failed hard because they want frameworks doing the work for them.
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    @iNCEPTiON there will always be real programmers, some one has to build the frameworks and compilers ;)

    And I agree, js is not the best lang as language comes but it has the benefit of being the most available client side platform.

    But soon there will be webassembly which had nothing to do with javascript but will be a compiler target that you could use any language with.

    And all major browsers are going to support.

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