whhats everyones favorite thing to listen to while writing code or trying ti come up ideas for how to solve a problem or just to decide what to write?

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    Ken Loggins - "Danger Zone"
    Followed by
    Justin Bieber - "Sorry"
    Followed by
    Taylor Swift - "Shake it off"
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    I listen to a lot of different soundtracks (video game and movie) while writing code, and a lot of classical while trying to brainstorm, think of ideas, etc.
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    I always just listen to what I like the most at that time. mostly metal, some electronic stuff and sometimes classsical music of all sorts.
    I find that if the problem is interesting enough, I wont notice any distraction, regardless of the music. Coworkers are almost always worse 😉
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    Try those guys: Hans Zimmer, The piano guys, NCS, and Trap nation :D
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