Fuck Swift is garbage. 😡

How did such a promising language turn into such a steaming 💩??

This may be controversial but I think open-sourcing it may have been a huge mistake.

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    Huh? care to explain why?
    Are you sure it is not the Ide fault?
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    @magicMirror This has nothing to do with the IDE, I'm talking core language design.

    They've dumbed it down to the point where you can't actually create anything inventive with it, you can only do things the way they let you.

    Everything is so explicit, which bloats the syntax and makes it fucking ugly and a pain to read.

    Can't do class clusters, can't do implicit conversion, can't do factory initialization; it doesn't even respect basic object oriented principles. You can't pass a tuple of Subclasses to a function that expects a tuple of Baseclasses.

    Just so much stupid shit like that. I feel fucking handcuffed at every turn. Seriously everything I look up how to do, the answer is "you can't". Fuck you, Swift.
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    @devios1 You found something worse than Java? I salute you.
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    The thing is Swift 1 was awesome. Revolutionary. It had implicit conversion, which you could combine with operator overloading and basically create your own custom syntax. Swift 1 was powerful!

    …then they open-sourced it, and it became designed by committee. They took out the really powerful stuff (because it was too hard to support), and added a whole bunch of stupid shit that people wanted like exceptions and stuff, but they did it in the worst fucking way possible, probably because nobody could agree on how best to do it and they just took the lowest common denominator.

    Now there are all these sub-areas of the language that all behave differently and have their own syntax that doesn't align with the syntax in other areas of the language. It's a fucking nightmare to try and remember everything and there's no consistent overarching design philosophy that you can fall back on. It's like it is trying to be everything all at once, but just ends up being nothing good at all.
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    Now that is a proper rant! have my ++.
    TBH, that sounds exactly like Apple stuff to me.
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    Dealing with optionals gives me a fucking headache. In principle, it makes so much sense, but again they decided to make it so fucking explicit that now you have to put all these !s and ?s in your code everywhere that trying to read it afterward is an exercise in frustration and it looks like your code is either very confused or very angry (lol).

    They *really* dropped the ball on that one, imo. They had a perfect opportunity to take a cue from Objective-C and make optionals completely transparent (doing anything to nil in Obj-C is a no-op, not an exception), but no, we can't have anything implicit in the language (God forbid!), it must all be explicit!

    So here's our "modern" and "easy" language that you have to do all this fucking bookkeeping just to write code that even compiles.
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    @devios1 I completely feel you mate. Just gave a pen-paper based codomg test few days back on swift programming at my college and I was always in a state of doubt with all these explicit optionals and handling them.
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    PS : I'm from India so don't ask "Who the fuck actually writes pen - paper based coding tests?" We actually do have this shit in Indian colleges.
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    I love Swift and think so much better than Java. Love me a good rant about it though.
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    @thecode Reporting from Canada, yeah we do that here as well.
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    Anything and everything made by Apple is a steaming pile of regurgitated dog shit. Jesus fuck I fucking hate apple. Fucking cocksuckers. Fuck! 😡😬😠
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    I love to have optionals with ? and ! ... At least in Kotlin. I think that is actually one of the best ways to handle null values. I never digged deep into swift but optionals looked pretty good
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    @Gogeta70 You're missing the point. I'm saying Swift was good back when it was by Apple. Now it's open-sourced and it's completely lost its direction. I actually praised Apple at the time because I thought it was a good idea. But I once again underestimated the stupidity of the average person. I've learned that democracy will only produce the lowest common denominator. It won't give you anything revolutionary.
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    @danielspaniol My argument is that the implementation of optionals (at least in Swift) should make working with code easier and more convenient, not require *additional* work. Optionals should let me say this is a variable, but it might be empty, so I can't be sure it will produce a result. That's it. That's all optionals need to do. If you need to ensure a variable has a value either check it explicitly or put it in an 'if let'. Don't force me to keep track of exactly what things can possibly be nil at all times; that just completely counters the convenience optionals could have offered.
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    Hm.... For me it is very easy and straight forward to work with Kotlins optionals. Maybe because I come from a Java background and being able to ensure something is not nullable is something I did not have in Java
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    I've never tried Fuck Swift.
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    Utterly agree. I loathe Swift and especially Optionals.

    The original concept was it was supposed to be easier to read and write than Obj-C right?

    Well if you can typealias everything to nothing common, then assign methods to variables and lose compiler help in inspecting parameter arguments, and then have to have bloody ? and ?? and ??? and !!!'s everywhere, and then add in type inference, the whole fucking code looks like some kind of lesson in obfuscation!

    Most programmers are lazy and a few think they're clever when they're not; this leads to 'tiny' and unnecessarily condensed code in the IDE that the compiler is going to optimise anyway, and makes code sharing a fucking nightmare.

    I miss Obj-C; hell I miss C++
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    @stijnie2210 Hitting yourself in the head with a hammer whilst having your genitals eaten by a rabid dog is better than Java.

    Your comment doesn't add anything to the conversation.
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    @GreenGirl to be quite fair I don't care what you think
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