With CSS4 on the horizon. Microsoft have announced they will fully support the standard by 2099.

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    If you're referring to ie, it's dead three years ago and will never be updated...if you're referring to edge you seriously should try it
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    @Letmecode if edge is a spyware...what's chrome? :D p.s. Agree safari is the new ie, but people still stuck in old ie stereotypes jokes
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    @dontbeevil @letmecode Having someone tell me Edge is good, is a bit like someone telling me AIDS is good. I also use OS X and Ubuntu day to day, so Edge is off the cards anyway.... At least natively

    As for Safari, couldn't agree more, anyone still using it, clearly has no empathy for all the poor bastards supporting that shit. If you fuck Safari with that spiked rusty pole though, maybe Safari will contract HIV, then we just have to wait 10 years. Worth a go.

    It wasn't really a dig at Edge or IE, just M$ for nostalgia sake :D
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    @jakowicz I don't get your point about Edge, you're saying that's bad, but you're not using it because as you're using also mac os and linux, you prefer a browser cross platform browser (firefox, opera, chrome)

    also I don't get why you're talking about natively, it's just a browser that support most of modern standards, it's young and every update it's improving a lot, so you don't need to support it nativaly like was ie with his own non standards

    cheers :)
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    @dontbeevil I meant natively, as in you can't download a dmg binary for Edge from Mickeysoft.

    And for the record I didn't say Edge was bad. It was a jest on M$'s slow adoption to standards in the past.
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    @jakowicz you said Having someone tell me Edge is good, is a bit like someone telling me AIDS is good :)
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    @dontbeevil Fair enough 😂😂 It's just a perception thing though. I've never used Edge, just like I've never had AIDS. I just perceive that neither are good for my health 😄
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