Guys, I've just merged to master that was 93 commits behind and no conflicts.. Just pushed to production and had the cleanest and painless migration ever... Something very bad happened, this can't be right

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    well obviously you did something wrong somewhere..
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    Reminds me of the time a legacy app had tons of errors from new relic, about 10% error rate, then we pushed out a refactor we'd been working on for about a month and we had 0% errors... And 0 traffic. Forgot to enable newrelic in the refactor and boy did we have errors. Still less than the legacy, though
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    i guess you just haven't see it yet.
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    Lucky you
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    or you cheat death. Either way, it is coming for you later. Brace yourself
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    I love when that happens!
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    All LIES!!!!!!!!! That's a F'ing unicorn with wings! Haha
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    It's like too many wrong make it all right!
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