As someone who often interviews devs, I can say you should be honest about your abilities. Just because you tweaked someone's Python code doesn't mean you are a Python expert. Stick to the facts on your resume/cv. Also, have a good code portfolio. That shows the interviewer much more than a degree does.

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    Tips on building a coding portfolio? My github has my projects, but I don't believe that counts as a portfolio haha.
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    @dalastTomCruise I interviewed a candidate a few months ago who created a blog where each post described requirements for a project, how he came up with his solutions, and then referenced the projects in his GitHub. I was very impressed.
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    @randomcomma that's clever. I haven't made a web portfolio. I am building a little vocab builder web application with Django and was going to reference it inside my web portfolio. Would that be a start?
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    @dalastTomCruise absolutely. Reference any completed projects that you can show to an interviewer.
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