In your earlier years. Try to work in a startup. Don't go for corporate life yet. You will learn hell of a lot in a small startup.

And also if you are doing job hunting just spam the recruiters and top officials of the company in LinkedIn until you get an interview setup. Because fuck it you need a job !

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    I heard similar advice from someone who came from mnc kinda company to the small start up I'm working in. He said he was assigned to fix bugs and shitty code that other people wrote. Apart from that majority of his work was just localization / translation which I'm sure is boring as fuck.
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    Im at a Startup right now and that is true, you learn Shit like crazy.

    But there still some companys where you can get a Job without knowing anything because you worked a year at Google and didnt learnt anything nur they just want people from top poaitions.
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    This september I'll work in a startup for 4 weeks. Let's see whether it is something for me or not 😁
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    Working for a startup right now and my mom keeps telling me to get a 'proper' job.
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