The only reason I'm still using WhatsApp or Facebook is because my classmates have a social group in which they share important information and tbh that's easy than dealing with emails.

Have to deal with bullshittery for one more year.

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    I just passed that Mark and boy does it feel good to press the uninstall button :P
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    So basically that boils down to:

    "I'm using it because everyone else is"

    Worst reason ever for doing or using anything.
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    @SSDD u either have some problem understanding something or u r just being an ass and posting a negative comment to get up votes.
    I'm using it cuz I have to.
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    @boss not really, and I'm sorry you feel that way.

    "I'm using it because everyone else is"


    "I'm using it because it's what I've always used"

    Are really really bad reasons for using something / doing something.

    I'm thinking of this more from a stakeholder point of view in my role as a developer. So maybe it's not as relevant here.

    However i'll add - you don't "have to" use it. That's a stretch.
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    @SSDD @boss Very sorry but I've gotta agree with SSDD on this one. I'm technically required (about everyone uses it over here and its hard as fuck to get people to use something else) here to use WhatsApp but I have chosen not to
    use it because I refuse to use any Facebook related stuff on my personal electronics.

    I wouldn't mind using WhatsApp on a seperate phone next to my personal one but not way in hell I'm going to use it on my personal phone!

    I get all important stuff from people who don't use my most used chat app through multiple friends who act as a gateway between me and the WhatsApp users :P. It takes effort but it works!

    P.S. No offense or anything by the way in case you're taking this the wrong way!
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    I am totally with you on this.
    Over the past few years I was using WhatsApp (even before they were subscription based) but I got somewhat annoyed by all those little quirks in the software and especially discoveries like the end to end encryption only affecting text messages but excluding all forms of media including voice messages.

    At the end of 2016 I finally bailed out from using it in a time where many important decisions were made (unfortunately much communication relating them was executed via WhatsApp) and tbh it actually was a relief. I didn't had to care about anybody spamming unrelated information and stuff like that but instead received all the important pieces through a human relay that basically filtered out everything else :P

    I have to say though that I managed to get all my close friends and family to use a different messenger through some sort of miracle :D

    The gist of it being that albeit hard it is totally possible to escape WhatsApp if you are committed
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    @TheMegaTB Wondering, what do you use now? 😃
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    @TheMegaTB Also, welcome!
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    I am using Hangouts. Thought about others like Threema which appeals due to its API features with buttons and interactive conversations and such but I just don't feel it makes sense in a messenger (as the name implies).

    Since I use a lot of devices, about four at the moment, it was mandatory that the messages remain in the cloud to provide seamless access across them unlike WhatsApp or Allo where one device acts like a proxy which is especially unfortunate when my basically dead battery decides to give up for the day :'D
    (Brought its capacity down to fifty percent in just under two years...)
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