I am a freshman in college and my group(which is assigned because our numbers are in sequence) is a fucking piece of shit and everyone is a low life who didn't give a flying fuck when i tried to discuss project ideas and shit.

So we have our final project submission tomorrow and the grade depends on how much you learnt and contributed to project more so than how much it succeeded.

And now one of these fucking faggots has the audacity to call me and ask "Hey what do i tell the examiner when he asks about what i did to enhance the project?" Meaning ' how do i steal your credit uWu?'

Trembling with rage i cut his fucking call.

i left my phone on silent and i have 19 missed calls from these stupid fucks in the past hour.I am gonna make them fail this year. BEST FEELING EVER!

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    Next time this happens, make sure to document all interactions you have with a group and keep it in a safe place and only pull it out when you need to CYA. Sucks that people are like that, but you'll learn early how to deal with office politics
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    I think most people decide to do a IT education because they think they can be lazy sitting in front of a desk. Makes me cry. Miss the real nerds
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    @TestInProd423 Ya i did it this time as well, shared the repo link on 15 april and one of these guys messaged me yesterday saying he doesn't really understand GitHub and sent me this 200 lines of ai generated code to somehow insert into mine
    As if I'm gonna do that
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    To quote Sandra Bernhard: "Remember! People have the power! Don't let anybody fuck you over, fuck them over first. Fuck them up!"
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    @retoor I'm still here =]
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