As I have a break between uni courses, and I’m bored of C# I thought I’d try learning C++.
I’m working my way through Bjorne Stroustrup’s book at the moment and also have the C++ Primer in my kindle library.

Can anyone recommend any other good sources to learn the language?

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    This one? I've read it for 50% and considered it a hardcore effort. It was so much. I concluded to stick with C. Using construct functions and stuff for structs still allows you to go OO
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    I found three o Reilly books rather useful.

    Something like practical c++ programming could be good for you.
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    Here you have a curated list

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    The suggestion to add Practical C++ to the list was not received well.
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    I learned from this book, the second edition 10 years ago. Is good.
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    My bad. That book wasn't really my experience with the publisher. I stand up for thinking the publisher is generally good, but I tried to find something more suitable for a beginner
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    @CoreFusionX O'Reilly books can be hit or miss, after all they depend on the author and the topic. But overall they are decent (or otherwise that publisher would be infamous, instead of slightly memey because of their covers).
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    Which book teaches modern cpp?
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    @aviophile check the SO link I posted.
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