Question: Have you ever worked for a toxic company? If so, did do you do something about it? Any tips?

By toxic I mean the abusive kind, where racism and sexism are "just jokes" and where clients are essentially scammed into buying software that doesn't do what they think it does.

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    As always in life, you can play the game, change the game or quit the game. If it's that deep in the company mentality, changing it might be hard/impossible. Is it your desire to make it a better place or is it your desire to survive in that place?

    Maybe it's the only employer in town and you just don't want to become miserable.
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    Quitting has already happened and I'm moving to a different country.

    But I'm wondering if I should call the police or something.
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    Different country, must have been pretty bad then ;-)

    I don't think you can do much. You could sue certain persons if they assaulted you, and you could whistleblow about the scam, but in the end the companies and persons affected must act, not someone delivering a last hit before leaving the country.
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    Write a newspaper article about them
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    @Froot @BellAppLab What froot said.

    Contact a newspaper if the scams concern illegal things, but tell them you want to stay anonymous. If your country has an organization which fights against discrimination, contact them as well.

    Try to keep good relations with your work, you might need references in the future. The desire to leave while throwing a grenade over your shoulder can be strong, but then you'll leave with frags in your butt.
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    @bittersweet Top quality grenade analogy, nice.
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    @Froot @bittersweet @rantalicious
    That's the thing.

    I keep hearing about writing something on Glassdoor, but the people who suggest it don't write anything themselves.

    Although I don't need their references, I'm positive that there will be retaliation. No such thing as anonymity really.

    So it got me thinking: I can ignore it and move on, or I can do something about it. If I do something about it, writing on Glassdoor (despite being the top one recommendation) seems the most similar to throwing a grenade over my shoulder. So maybe formally filing a complaint with the competent governmental body?
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    @rantalicious Wise words, my friend. Wise words.
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