Developing tools for upgrading "the internet" to ipv6

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    You don't upgrade "the internet", you upgrade the link between computers that can be used to transfer data of structured text files and additional media, which, when used in a remote manner, we call "the internet".
    Also for your interest: The tools are there, we have just to get rid of ignorant ISP's. Ignorant website provides will die by natural selection after we get rid of the ISP's mentioned above
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    @Kimmax Mr.Tech-Nazi, we dont write software , we write functions , classes n commands yet it is collective called a software or app . and when it is said "updating software" it means updating those classes n methods. So by that reference i guess i want to "update" internet to ipv6
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    Hmm... I think Jen has it.
    Just be careful with it!
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