I have developed 3 apps so far in laravel and I can say I'm in a mid level between beginner and expert.
But every time I set up a new laravel environment I feel like this is the first time I see laravel.

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    Check out Slim 3, I like it much better than Laravel.
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    @dfox Wow, I thought Code Igniter is the lightest framework. In my country the tech culture is messed up, they only wanna work with laravel, zend or Symfony. #fml
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    @mohammed that sucks. They are definitely good for some things, but yeah I've always preferred a nice light framework that doesn't try to do everything. I used Laravel a few times but it felt pretty bulky.
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    While Laravel/Zend/Symfony have their place, they're also bulky and over-engineered. However, I also understand wanting to avoid CI. Its code doesn't use modern best practices.
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    rails <3
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