Managers are an interesting breed.

Yeasterday I took part in one of the most confusing meeting I havr ever had.
It was supposed to be with two managers and another coleague to discuss an undefined topic ( it was market internal discussion ). The coleague was on leave so it was just me and them. So...
I get to the meeting room on the dot, it was deserted. I proceed to sit down and open devRant :p
They finally show up, come in, sit down on the opoaite side of the table from me, discuss some bussiness items, their wifes and children and tell a couple of jokes and then they say we're done.( my presence was not really aknoledged so far apart from a hello)
Out of sheer confusion I ask: "So why was my presence actually necessary?" The answer did not fail to confuse me even more than the actual meeting: "Because your coleague also had to be here"
Just to make it clear, they wanted to assign him some stuff and that's it.

I am still confused. Interesting creatures these managers. I should disect one's brain some day to find out how it works.

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    Some people just are "meeting people".

    Often they are the once that have the task to get things done but not the once that are to do the tasks (PM's).

    For them the meeting IS doing something no matter the result so they want lots of meetings.

    Even if they can get faster progress by just delegating tasks and get updates by email or phone they feel that without the meeting they are mot in control or are afraid their part will be forgotten and they might be considered redundant.

    Usually this is not true but in a large organization with many layers its more common.

    One way to handle this us to always require a written agenda before the meeting with a stated goal for the meeting and a set timeframe.

    Also, if asked when, pick a specific time like 14:30-15:30, indicating that you have other appointments you need to be at.

    That might at least help to get the meeting focused.
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    @Voxera All valid points and thank you for the good advice.
    The only thing is they're not PM's...but otherwise the part about them being afraid of being forgotten I think hit the nail on the head. :))
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    @kgbemployee PMs just the once I have encountered.

    We have no such problems in-house but often with customers that are switching to our platforms :/
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    @Voxera *ones 😉
    (once == "en gång")
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    This is gold and so true of my most recent employer. The manager (so he thought) was a "jack the lad" type and would consume 99% of a meeting with what his "funny" life stories, jokes and a platform for him to show how amazing he thinks he is. The other 1% is getting to the actual reason the meeting was proposed only to be summed up as a single bs sentence that makes you leave with more queations than what you had in the first place.... #rant!
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    This very interesting... I am studying CS and I also have a course about Managers and there we learn how to manage the projects and how to interact with your colleagues. So I find it interesting when I read here in DevRant how in the real world, they don't do what they're supposed to do.
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    @qbasic16 Right, never trust auto complete :/
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