So I found out about Nandroid backups. It backs up every single Partition on the phone. Nice thing, if I screw something up I can just revert!!!

So I made one and tried LineageOS on my Phone again. Kinda sucked.

Tried to revert, backup corrupted


Found a newer TWRP install and tried again
This time it seemed to work! It formated the system partition and then tried to recover the one from the backup. but then.. FAILED!

So now my system partition is gone too, RIP.

Can somebody help? :(

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    Download either a stock room or a different one, both should be available on XDA.
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    @killermenpl But I want my Backup back :(((
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    I'm afraid it's gone. You can try transferring it to your PC and opening it there, but I doubt you will succeed
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    Yeah I remember the countless hours I spent installing new ROMs and worrying about back ups. Did you copy the backup off your phone ? If you did that it's possible to restore it otherwise it's likely something got overwritten and/or corrupted.
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    One option to get the backup back is maybe try only restoring the data partition.
    As you said, the problem mainly occurs with the system partition. Get the stock system rom off of xda, then restore the data partition. Can't really say how well it'll go, a corrupted backup is a huge pain...
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    There is an app for opening nandroid backups in play store... Flash stock rom and try to recover files from the backup.

    Next time use both nandroid and adb to backup
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