Devs, what was the craziest client you had to deal with?

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    I'd say myself, I'm never fully happy with what I have, always looking for more
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    Can we leave that as a weekly rant tag?
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    Built the website. He took 2 weeks to test. Then asked me for changes. I took two weeks for changes. Someday during the second week I login (wordpress), I see the old version of the site, all my changes are gone.

    I ask him,

    Him: I had a customer who needed to see my site... So I reverted to the old version. I had a backup.

    For fuck sakes! 1st of all, if he is a customer he doesn't need to see your marketing site anymore give him a flyer idiot.

    Then, for fuck sakes: Give me a fuckin call so I back up your site. Idiot.

    Why you didn't fuckin back up my fuckin version.

    I stopped working and passed him to a more patient, more wordpress guy.

    Just idiot.

    This deserves to be a rant I think.

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