I never seen my high school friends about a year because of my project and community (with same topic). Then when I met them, I just realized that I never have social life. Still, I'm just a listener. I don't know how I tell about what I did last year, because I'm too afraid they don't understand.

Then I keep my mouth, just smiling, listen their awesome story about their jobs, family or their friends in college ....

I'm come back home, so lonely in here. I opened my laptop, then realised another things. I'm just communicated with scripts, with millions line of codes, with many library, with many issues about my projects, with those compiler ...

How you guys talk with non-IT friends? I don't even remember how I used to be their friends and laugh together

What a saddest night in my life ...

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    I mostly connect with my non-dev friends via shared hobbies like cooking, books, movies etc.
    When I tell them about what I do, I mostly keep it short and simple - but I wouldn't be afraid to tell them - otherwise mostly about the interaction between me and my colleagues.

    You sound though as you could use their company more often if you can't remember laughing with them.
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    @nin0x03 I don't have any hobbies like them, sometimes I fake myself, tell hem that I know their hobbies. Trying to make them comfort with me. Sounds stupid and it's just hurt me

    Well thanks. I guess,
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    I try to make them understand what I'm doing with some silly examples. The more 'stupid' the better. But I rarely have to do so because the huge majority of my friends is in the same 'branch' than me, they maybe don't know what I do nor the language I use but they did a bit of development while they studied, so they don't speak with an alien
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    @Drillan767 most of my friends too. They like in the same branch and only me who took computer science. Every time I heard their stories, sounds like they more mature than me ....

    ... And my jokes is sarcastic

    So, really, I'm lack at social life
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