Hello, I'd like to hear a Bluetooth joke ..

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    Why did you censor the joke? It's readable though xD
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    @EaZyCode it’s referring to quality
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    I think think this joke misrepresents the technical aspects of digital data transmission. Yes, sometimes I am fun at parties.
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    @NiPfix Maybe lossy compression was used to ensure real-time transmission of the joke. It could be a low-bandwidth connection with a lot of dropped packets! (Bt uses packets, right..?)
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    @nyjan Sure but in a case like that, why would you send text in image form?
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    @NiPfix Why do people film vertically? Users always find a way to use technology in a completely wrong and retarded way.
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    @nyjan Touché. So I guess this adds a second meaning to the original joke making it surprisingly more funny to me
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