Meetings.. Was I not listening? Blame it on the ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder).

Maybe society has AEHD (Attention Expected Hyper-Delusion).

Seriously, who can pay attention to someone speaking AT you.

We have amazing magical devices one can enchant to do their bidding; Contemplating the details of such, often, is more enjoyable than what your rambling on about, talking head.

Not sorry, ;).

Also THANK YOU, you amazing MIT's (Manager of Information Technologies). A lot of you understand and even may use your underling employee's as a vented heat sync for your frustrations. I love what you do and thank the universe I don't have to engage myself in those activities. I have sympathy for the decision to give up your jeans and t-shirts for business attire; keep strong, your role is vital. <3

The insomnia is going to have to give me a break. Work in 3 hrs, time for a nap; and no, I don't take ADD medication (Amphetamine). I don't need a prescription; I can procure my own drugs, thank you.

Nor would I do them to get through work, that's drug abuse.

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    I microdose weed against my adhd, and it works better than any amphetamine and methylphenidate they gave me. The thing is, that prescription drugs worked for me in a way that felt like a cage. Like, you *want* to move around, but it doesn't let you. On the other hand, weed gave me the possibility not to fucking die inside while still being able to concentrate and not move around every second I'm not sleeping.
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    I'm prescribed for ADHD. Was on it 13-18. went off it cold turkey without a doctors reccomendation, last year I went back on it.

    I much prefer weed but I'm in a pretty shitty red state. This stuff isn't ideal but it works for me, and I am significantly less distracted.

    Supposedly there's a lack of chemicals being transmitted between receptors in my brain chemistry (I'm no nueroscientist); and this completes the loop.

    Added benefits include freedom from appetite and 1 hour in I'm well awake even if I miss sleep; I have to compensate with my own discipline for these things but I'm doing ok at that.

    I still ask for my managers to repeat themselves or pause while I take notes in meetings. That Shit's fucking boring
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    Yea, a lack of dopamine receptors, primarily.. Comes from (hunter/gather)er's lineage. Look that part up if you haven't; very interesting and will give you some insight to why we have this different way of functioning. Their are pros, as well as cons which are mostly related to recent modern day life. Tedious assembly line type issues which I'm fine with being sub-par at. ;)
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    Yea, meds work.. Though, I don't like my productivity to rely on a drug. Taking them weakens the go getter attitude in me; only noticeable when I'm off them.

    I'm a stubborn bastard when I want to be and I'd like to keep that regardless of a pill.
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    @midnightEuler I looked it up, that really clicks. I certainly relate to apathy for social norms as well as distorted sense of time and hyper focus on a piece of code or problem I want to solve.

    Thanks much for that!
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