I need advice: study 4th year (Bachelor's) or work?
Thought I saw a similar thread a while back but can't find it in search right now.

21 years old, end of this year I'll graduate with a diploma (3rd year). I have one option of university here because they're the only one that offer my course (IT instead of CompSci like the others). Their administration and general status is not stable (see my earlier rant or Google CPUT protests in the news). Couple this with a deep desire to move out (housemates and drama) and wanting to keep working instead of going back to study.

Thoughts? My current best bet I think is to hedge my bets and apply anyway, then if I don't want to study next year I won't. Still seeking opinions though. Local market (mostly recruiters) values qualification too much. Planning on moving away anyway but will need a job to hold me over until then.

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