Saw this on a new dev's desk ... Yea, he's fired

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    I don't get it...
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    @Xevion only old retired men are supposed to buy those shitty books
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    Really that's the reason for firing someone??!!!!
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    @nummy it's nit a "Windows 10 for dummies" book though as far as I know. It has information about everyday stuff that IT support need to help users with.

    Sure, if the person bought it because they have no idea of how to use Windows 10 it might be bad.

    What is the profession of the person who bought this book?
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    @smaikap i assume the title was just a joke. If someone actually got fired for trying to learn the ins-and-outs of a relatively new operating system then I wouldn't want to work there anyway.
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    He's supposed to be a C dev for ARM micros
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    I would've fired him for it, but I'm sure there were other factors.
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