Whenever client send his desktop screenshot then I spend more time in checking stuff around (like bookmarks, what else is running on his system, opened tabs etc.,) rather actual screenshot 😂

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    Yep... Been there. Sometimes contains private info too.
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    haha I'm such a creeper too, whenever I'm on go to meetings all I'm doing is looking around the screen for that same stuff.
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    You can find a lot out about someone just by seeing how shitty their desktop looks. You won't find a single file or folder on mine.
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    I actually don't even use my desktop, ever. everything goes into my Web dev Dropbox folder so it's synced and backed up instantly, so that's basically my desktop
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    God love Dropbox. I even created a cool script that allows me to select any folder in my Dropbox and target it to any VM... Allowing any project to immediately become the DocumentRoot of the server of my choosing. Too bad no one else on my team appreciates something that slick.
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