Manager: what is the estimations for this task A nd B?

Me: Task A: 3 months for 1 guys, and task B: 2 Months

Manager: ok, u can have a fresher, and finish task A, and u urself can pick task B, u can train him and bring him up to pace...

Me: (trying to recalibrate my estimations)...

Manager: oh and u have 3 weeks to deliver production ready scalable quality code with junits, documentation and testing done...

Me: then why the fuck did u bother for the estimates?

Manager: oh that is just for the process complaince...I don't want any trouble in audit...

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    You'll have trouble anyway because what you ask isn't possible. 😒
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    Hey at least he's honest... Right?
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    "Where were you last week"
    "I told you I was taking Monday off"
    "But you were gone for a week?"
    "Oh, yeah, estimations are just for process compliance, you taught me that"
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    Sometimes I wonder whether there are managers at all out there who aren't completely useless cunts.
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    I tend to do nothing in this scenario.

    If you know your efforts are going to fail, why put in the effort?

    Yeah, that causes trouble at work but the PMs usually recalibrate the way they work with me once they've been torn out by the senior staff.

    "Why don't we have this yet?"
    "I told you it wasn't possible in the time frame given and you didn't deal with it"
    "But we should have something"
    "That was the MVP, anything less is useless"
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