Not a rant more like a question

Hello devRant,
I am currently planning to purchase a small home server + media client (with Kodi).

A small Linux Distro running the Hometheateroftware Kodi will run on the media clients (Odroid C2). The control is then over an app over the local network. The database of Kodi should be on the server in the form of a MySQL database. The movies, pictures, music are also streamed by the server (max. 2 simultaneously) via SMB (simplest variant). In addition, the server is to be accessible to the outside via a web interface to act as a cloud (maybe nextcloud). The whole should be optimized for stability and longevity. In addition, a small GitLab CE instance will probably run on the server. Do you have any comments or objections? The fact that I only take 2x ne 2 TB hard drive has the simple reason that I currently have no need for more space. Sometimes it happens to me that I forget completely obvious things :D

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