Such a sad day for everyone in tech. Never mind what a Harvard PhD in Biology correctly pointed out about human beings (in that they are all unique), no employee should ever be fired for having a substantiated, cogent POV. Shame on Google and HR everywhere for making employees drink the corporate koolaid. Can we at devRant express solidarity with James? Even if you don't necessarily agree with the contents of the memo.

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    No. Why make the females uncomfortable. Why not jus keep the POV to himself?
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    @valium123 You mean like an SJW or a feminazi? I mean, why even have a political debate, let's just always keep our viewpoints to ourselves. It's not as if a healthy, constructive dialogue leads to a bilaterally-agreed, positive social change. And as for making women uncomfortable: if a scientific fact hurts your sensitivies, may be you need to reevaluate your life choices.
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    @codesutra which scientific fact? And seriously what should women do? Burn their cs degrees coz someone said they are not good engineers?
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