So I was having an interview with a cool company a while ago. I had a non programming, full-time job then and I was having the interview during my break. I stressfully coded my way through a fizzbuzz and a tree question (luckily I had been studying data structures) but the interviewer generally sounded satisfied. Towards the end, he cheerfully asks "So, why do you want to work for us?" I panicked because I forgot to read details about the company before the interview. My response was "Um, because you offer a remote and part-time position, I know that's not a very nice reason, but, ummmm". The interviewer said "I see, thank you..." in a very dissapointed voice. Man, I didn't shoot myself in the leg, I loaded a nuclear missile on a fucking satellite and directed it straight to my balls. I felt so embarassed. Interviewer guy if you are reading this, I wanna say sorry.

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    I wouldn't be too hard on yourself! One time I got screwed up with a CTO cornering me by asking "What does your background in linguistics have to do with our packaging company?"
    Totally stumped me in front of everyone.
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    I hope your balls are still functional
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