Recruiter: You cought my attention because of your positive profile. And my client is looking for someone with your profile. Attachment: java_developer.pdf

Me: What exactly did you like about my profile? I can tell by the filename that the company is looking for java developers. Which is neither what I can do nor what I am willing to do.

Recruiter: This isn't clear by your profile, what do you want to do?

Me: Me profile has exactly two programming languages, JavaScript and Objective C.

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    This was a few hours ago and no response yet, I'm curios if he gets back to me and if he will admit that he thought js and java are the same thing.

    I'm sick of the recruiters who are putting zero effort into it and are just spamming everybody.
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    @plusgut i feel ya, some are the greatest dumbasses of them all. I have a blacklidt on recruitment firms and it's growing every week...

    Good luck to you on the job hunt!
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    @NeatNerdPrime Blocking the companies is a great idea! I'm actually not even looking for a new job, but the recruiter did choose to ignore that as well..
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    @Letmecode actually there is a way, suppose you get an offer from recruitment company abc that offers you a job x at firm X, and another company xyz offers a similar looking jov descruption:

    You: ' is this for firm X you are talking about'
    > Xyz murmles incomprehensibly
    > you: ' i guess it is, got my daily rate accepted for (105% of your daily/yearly rate here), can you offer me better'
    > xyz: ' let me get back to you..'
    > you: ' well decide fast cause i'm already in an accepted phase....'
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    @theScientist gotta catch all the developers!
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    Don't feel bad, this one idiot recruiter approached me with assembly line shit.
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    @Letmecode well, you wanted to know how to torture them? You can fo that by putting them against each other. Many recruiters don't really mention the name of their customer, but you can make an educated guess when you look at the job description. Many recruitment companies send similar job offers that pretty often, almost always, have the same client. Recruitment companies get mostly a cut of the total budget their client wants to spend on an applicant for a set period of time.

    When you notice recruitment company a and company b send you almost identical job descriptions, you can put them against each other by 'bidding them against each other'. So if company a offers you o lt 90% of your desired rate, tell them that 'a competitor for the same job offers me 105% of my daily rate, cant you do better'

    Hope i explained it correctly
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