Lots of hate for Apple today on devrant. I go all three ways so I don't really take sides. They all have there purposes.

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    @Torbuntu Well I agree yup. Although hate is coming now probs :)
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    @Torbuntu It's sad how linuxers have to do this and other system users mostly don't :/
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    @linuxxx well I'd say apple users have to at times. Depends on the forum they are using to express that opinion. But I guess that can be said about all of them as well.
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    I think they all have their place, though microsoft is pushing its luck recently. I bought my first imac pro this year and have ended up being surprised by how much I like it, specifically the OS. They make great machines for people who don't want to spend too much time configuring but still need a Linux shell. As much as I like Linux, I'm just not organised enough to use it on a daily basis outside of a server machine.
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