For those of you who went to universoty or college or other form of slavery mindwashing creative crushing freedom crushing institution,
what cool things did y'all do for your Graduation projects?

PS. with this whole correct usage of words movement I've decided to replace "you guys" woth "y'all" for the sake of a universal gender irrelevant specifier. Thank you for your sincere understanding. ~Board of Pointless statements and existences.

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    After slight introspection, you might be able to answer why your shit is shitting shit when you go through your rant in peace state of mind?
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    @kabhishek I asked a question about what you dide for your graduation project (if you did have a graduation project)
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    I built a media player with a library manager in Qt. It used phonon to handle the playback and had backend drivers to plug into MySQL and odbc (cause my lab partner had SQL server) for the library database. Got yelled at for it being completely pointless and unoriginal but it was a lot of fun to develop and I learned a lot from the experience.
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    @Zakhrov ahahahaahahaha high expectations much?
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    @Zakhrov pointless and unoriginal for people who don't understand the value of building something.

    All the things you learn from building a media player (and you do a lot, I know) - are valid and so useful in future projects.
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    @ronnymajani more like dry expectations. The examiners expected boring web or desktop based crud applications
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    @Zakhrov they're the worst.
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