Today my mom gave me a 2 meter by 1,20 meter whiteboard. She says that that might help me to achieve my dreams with what i am doing on my computer. This is amazing.

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    Wow! That's so great, to have encouraging parents is great! Good luck realizing your plans from me too.
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    Encouragment is a great thing.
    But now thing carefully how to place that whiteboard.

    Think that if you code with lights off you can't see it

    and if you need to do some modification you will hate to stand up everytime and leave your desktop.
    So it should be close enough to you.
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    What I like about my office is that the walls have a layer of glass and the whole thing becomes a huuugge whiteboard. Most of it is covered with random jokes and stuff. There are a few gems. I might actually post them here.
    It's great that you have encouraging parents. I wish you luck in realizing your dreams!
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    You lucky bastard ._.
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    @tilde post them!
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