I always hate how I get a great idea for an app/game, and then I open up the play store and a very similar thing is on the first page.

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    you always can make better one ;)
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    Even if the idea is the same, there are a lot of things you can try to do it better like the usability of the app. Sometimes I have friends telling me they found a great app but it misses some features.

    So, maybe work/develop on your idea and maybe there will be people who will like your app better. Don't give up!
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    And then you think: well if someone else made it.. saves me the trouble.. so you install it but never end up using it because actually it was a stupid idea. Months later when you eventually uninstall it you shake your head, smile and are happy that you never wasted your time with such a worthless endeavour. Then shortly after the cycle begins again.
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    @spacem I wouldn't call it a waste, because you can still learn something while making that app. Also, you can consider it as a side project.
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    google knows 👀
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