Scared the shit out of g/f by using festival on Linux.

SSH'd into computer in bedroom from bathroom, announcing
"I am Lucifer. I'm coming for you, Jenny!"
Followed by a shutdown of PC. She shit herself banging on the bathroom door.

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    Haha, on the right track mate!

    I once plugged a RPi 1 to school's main speaker controller, all the classrooms and grounds speakers for announcements and prayers. I played "May the force be with you" x 6 via spd-say with different tempo each time and then Dr. Dre I need a Doctor. I lost my R Pi after the song ended, didn't get caught but it was worth to amaze 3000 students and all the teachers. Lucky me not a single person in school knew what R Pi was and how it works 😂
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    Reminds me of the golden times when I lived on our campus with a good friend of mine.

    I had RPi1 and for some reason we had hooked 10m I2C cable from the RPi to my roommate's Arduino which was in his room. I sneaked behind his back and plugged this beeper speaker (which had seriously loud and irritating sound) to his Arduino.

    Next morning I'm at the shitter at work (5am, oh those times). During the session, I decided to SSH to my RPi and unleash the hell on my friend by remotely turning the speaker on.

    Needless to say he and his girlfriend did not find the joke too funny
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