Our software uses a lot of video/audio hardware. But this hardware goes away when we deliver to the customer.
So everyone was asked to think of a way to be less depended on hardware.
I thought of a very clever idea and I told it to two senior software engineers who both saw much potential in it.

I've only worked here for close to 2 months. And I feel like this is a major contribution if they'll use my idea

Next week at the brainstorm session I'll have to present my idea (informal meeting)

I'll make an update when I know more

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    I'd like to hear the idea you have. Sounds like it's a good idea, but you haven't really told what it is. You teaser.
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    We could make a class modeled after each device. But coding one for each might take more time then It gives.

    all the audio and video software we work with will take an input to respond to.

    So I actually propose to view all devices as black boxes. We don't need to know what happens inside of them. As long as we know its response to the input we give.

    So we create a program that queries all devices on all possible inputs and record the response.

    That goes into a database with the input as key and the response as data.

    We then have a class that gets the response to an input.

    Instead of having to figure out how something works and write a class for it in a few hours. we can just generate a replica that will respond correctly 90+% of the time by running a program for each new device.
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    sounds like virtual device driver to me..
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