Make a child now so he can tell you in his 20s he wants to do a masters degree in AI prompt and it’s gonna cost you £150k

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    How about ... NO
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    How about his lazy ass gets a fucking job and works and doesn't expect the world to do everything for them?
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    Nobody has to pay 150k GBP for a university degree. Developed nations will offer master programs like that at public universities for “free”. Greetings from Germany & Austria
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    Nothing is "free". You are paying for those degrees with your taxes.

    Which you probably already know, but this is just me sneering at the concept of a whole degree for "free".
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    @lastNick Some people do not have the chance to live in civilised area. Britain and USA we are looking at you 👀
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    I have no quarrel over paying taxes and understand why they are needed.

    I was sneering at the whole degree for "free" part because it doesn't make any sense.

    Here, everyone coming into uni for the first time, is entitled to a basic state paid scholarship that covers uni fees (tuition only in very specific cases).

    You can maintain the scholarship over the years if and only if you sign up for enough credits each year (60) *and* have passed at least 54 the previous year.

    Otherwise, you are on your own.

    That way people who actually put in the effort and succeed can get free degrees, instead of having dropouts stay year after year while doing nothing on account of my taxes.
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    @CoreFusionX There was a reason I put the term free in ”” in the 1st place. 😉
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