App of a little social network I'm member of didn't connect to the server anymore, since the social network changed their SSL-certification and my smartphone is too dumb to accept the new one.

So, I pulled the source code of the app from GitHub and added some code dealing with SSL-connection-exception-handling.
A warning appears, that there were some errors with the SSL-cert with the question how to proceed and three options:
Quit, Ignore for now, Ignore and don't ask me again.
The code to ignore ssl-errors is just for debug-/develop-purposes, but hey, app with that little "hack" is running only on my phone x)
Now, the app is working again at my smartphone \o/

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    @JonnyCodewalker oh, they know. It's just funny, that they can not reproduce that bug. and at all other smartphones the admins and the other members are using it just works fine. But not on mine.
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    I have the same problem in the app of my company, seems to be an Android bug, the SO caches the wrong old certificate
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