I'm a primary backend dev, not frontend. But the alignment of the grenades make me kind OF ANGRY!

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    Your anger is completely justified. This is just sloppy.
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    Typical Valve game. The dev working on it wasn't interested anymore and moved to another feature. ^^
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    I can only speculate, but I think the dev who made this, was only thinking of english language and therefore it looks like that in other languages.
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    The whole UI is messed up. Sometimes if you buy fast, the menus don't load fast enough and you end up purchasing a p90 or so.

    Also, put your mouse on top of the main menu and move it horizontally. You'll see the cringe.

    There are issues like this all over the UI, hope panorama will fix them.
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    Eyo German Comrade!

    May i ask what rank you are?
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    @datmaddin i had an downrank yesterday, now i'm at gold nova 1 again...
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    @BixelPitch I know that feeling :/
    Maybe we could play sometime?
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    The grenade is so screwed up, it gives the entire line of symbols a parabolic look
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    this one is connected with the past games of the series and it is simply impractical to change their places, since the players have long been accustomed to this
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