This happened before I got into web development.
One day me and my best friend (already a developer) was try to download some pirated software on the internet. We found a website which allowed us to download the software but after completing a survey. We completed it but then we landed on another one and this guy sitting next to me took my laptop and deleted the survey pop-up doing something with the chrome developer tools. I was really freaked out and then he told me that is normal and left myself wondering.
Sorry about my bad English

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    The representation of the html is called dom and with e.g. the chrome-inspector you can delete each dom-node if you want to.
    So what he probably did is delete the overlay with the survey so that he can click the download link, behind that.
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    You seem like a non-tech-savvy person :P
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    @plusgut OP, because if he's a web dev he shouldn't freak out when Chrome's web dev tools are open :P
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