I tell my professor If he could help me with a threading issue in my program. Tells me he hasn't done threading.


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    Yeah, I ve been there before
    I didn't pass my CS exan for using 'auto' keyword in cpp source file
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    I'vs also had multiple notices on usage of std::cout instead of put
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    Also I was not allowed to use LINQ in c# while doing some sorting tasks
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    But I did great when i was writing scripts for WSH.... in 2015....
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    std::vector caused rage also
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    Glad I left university to do the real wetwork
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    Is it possible to get a job as a programmer without diploma? Because in Russia it is, it's even better if you have no diploma.
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    You've heard of doubleposting before...
    Now get ready for heptaposting!
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    @Ashkin 😂😂 I was thinking the same thing
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    What do you need another thread for? Do it in one ;P (sarcastic as hell before anyone takes this serial)
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