the answer 😮

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    you are now 43, want a -- to go back? :P
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    it's ok, i immortalize this moment :p
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    Fellow devRantron user 👋
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    But what is the question? TELL ME YOUR SECRETS
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    "what is the meaning of life"
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    @simus I hoped you'd said "that's what we're here for", as per "the hitchhikers guide to the Galaxy"
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    my bad, need to re-read my classic
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    Do you know what the 42th symbole in the ASCII alphabeth is? It's a `*`.

    What does a `*` represent in a RegEx? Right anything, a wildcard.

    So 42 being "The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything". The answer is what you wan't it to be. It's your life, so make it what ever you want.
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    @Wack damn took it to new levels
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