Fuck companies which try (and fail) to use street slang & outdated memes to reach their "target audience".

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    If I was in a marketing team, I'd only take the dankest of memes.
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    The beautiful thing about street / teenie-slang is that it pretty much always revolves about not being undestood and used by non-peers. The moment someone of the outgroup uses it a new kind of slang is born and the culture evolves. That's why old people and companies appear so cringy when they try to emulate that.

    Never worked, never will.
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    @R5on11c I wonder when I'll start to sound weird when using the latest slang :(
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    @filthyranter make your own life easier. You have your own slang that is 100% acceptable in your own inner group(s) . Take me as an example. I have a group that formed in 2012 and i still hang around with these guys today. We have a lot of insiders, neologisms, and general expressions noone would really understand. It's a mix of inside jokes, memes and so on.

    This kind of "slang" works perfectly fine within my workplace to an extend and the people i generally hang out with.

    Where i absolutely cannot communicate is with groups i personally find confusing (the less educated youth is extra confusing). But that's alright. I do not have the urge to have a conversation with a 14/16 year old that doesn't understand me at all. If people of that category however come to me to talk, i expect them to understand me, not vice versa.

    Easy as that.
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    @R5on11c This is why most scifi and fantasy universes have this concept of "common", a language spoken and understood by all.
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    @bittersweet. Of course everyone should understand the most basic and clear version of their native language. But there are definitly people out there who even judge you for not talking in their slang... which is dumb.
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    Everyone in this thread who hasn't watched it should watch the movie "Idiocracy" . You're gonna love it.
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    @R5on11c i have a 60yo teacher in chemistry that uses slang in order to seem cool. She actually emulates it pretty ok, BUT: she teaches like a lawyer would speak for 3h about some random nonsense
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    The problem I my opinion is that the people who create these ads come from a different generation.
    The easy solution would be to just hire people from the target audience's generation.
    But you know.
    They don't have the "experience"
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    Mikes hard lemonade is going way too tryhard with this
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