There are all these bad design ideas out there, like 20 popups on websites, facebook, apple software.

I only see good programmers who have self respect here. So what good programmer doesn't have self respect and programs those bad ideas?

(I'm just fucking with the apple guys, but the other two are legit)

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    @rantalicious I only see good programmers with selfrespect here. Doesn't mean there are no non selfrespecting here. Maybe they don't rant or they change their rants to make it look like the have self respect.
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    It's not really about self respect, it's about a fundamental understanding of good and bad practices. There are many ways to solve any given problem, understanding how to solve the problem in a way that works vs a way that works well separates programmers from experts. When you see 1000 if else statements lined up in a function, it's likely not because the dev thought that would be easier, it's rather likely that they just didn't know any better, which reflects more on the manager / hiring staff than the developer themselves.
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    I've often asked how some people can accept putting their name to something given how bad quality and unethical/immoral it is. But just as there are people in all walks of life who don't care about others or only look at their income or will do anything to feel important, so there are programmers too. We're not immune from human traits.
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    @CrankyOldDev its time we correct this
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