It is this time of the year that I get to work on a shitty project to add some new functionality to it, it is a front end part of the project which before was externally developed, so now I have to deal with this BS Marionette mess where nothing they wrote comply to standards, like the fucking router.js doesn't look anything like the Marionettes doc, the bootstrap they used they fking decided to override classes in custom css and turn the 12 col grid system into 5ths or shit, then they created some autmated tests with bunch of intricated selectors selecting by 'labels' instead of !!!!FUCKING WHAT ARE THIS FOR IDs!? - fuk me - so I better decide to procrastinate on this project since luckily enough we don't have a deadline and I wouldn't care if we had either! My job is java developer, and yes I feel good about learning new things and learning front end. BUT NOT THIS CRAP DEPRECATED MttehorseShit!

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