Why people diss php when they don't know about php7 and awesomeness like laravel..
Framework for artists indeed

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    for the same reason people bitch about java, they don't take the time to understand and use the tool properly
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    I am one of those who hate php and I have had my fill of spending half hours debugging the code to find a missing bracket
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    @Xmiq you just haven't used linters and sublime properly then..
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    @xRahul I haven't touched php in quite a few years to be fair. The amount of rage that a small project caused me, made me quit php.
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    I picked php + lavavel in 6 weeks. It's not bad once you learn to recognize the errors
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    What I don't understand about PHP, is why there are dynamic Variables. I often see var names like this: blnEnabled, objCar and so on. But this is also in JS ans so on
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