When tackling a solo project, which one of these approach do you usually use (and prefer):

A) Mash up something that works ASAP while ironing out bugs and cleaning up code later on - a.k.a. "duct tape programming".
B) Have everything planned before you even start coding. Strive to get everything right from the get go. UML diagrams galore.

p.s., If none suits you, feel free to tell us about your preferred approach anyway. Those 2 are the only thing that came on the top of my head at the moment.

p.s.s., I'm all for A. Should you care about it.

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    @ClemFrieckie, everytime I tried to plan my project I tend to overthink the possible scenarios and thus rarely finish the actual work in time. It might be that I'm just not on the same level you are skill-wise, but that's been my experience.

    Working the duct tape way, on the other hand, helps my intuition to find the right amount of solution. Although what you said is true: I do tend to spend more time revisiting my classes polishing and refactoring from time to time.
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    A. Stupid, but I'm like that.
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    A. I just can't plan everything, that's not how my mind works, simple as that :)
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