I used to think musk was smart af, genius programmer until very recently after he took over Twitter. The more he says about programming probably to impress the groupies the more I realized he has no idea Abt the topic.
He might know things about manufacturing and rockets but dude level of ignorance in software is astonishing

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    He wasn't ever a very smart programmer in the first place
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    Musk is a good example for cult of personality.

    Mostly he's an arsehole, not a messiah.
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    Don't confuse ignorance of specialty with lack of intelligence or competence. The family of Henry Ford tried to declare him incompetent. During the legal proceedings they kept asking him questions they knew he would not know. At one point he explained, that at the push of a button he could have any expert on any subject related to his business at his disposal within minutes. He didn't need to "know everything".
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    Yes.. a manager doesn't have to be an expert in everything, with a call, he can simply have his subject explain stuffs. He only need to be good with people. But seeing what he did to Twitter, is he even a good manager? I can't help but think that he's only lucky in life.

    He ruined twitter to the point of people flocking to threads eagerly. Even though zuck has a lot of cases where he violated his users' privacy.
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    @IntrusionCM cult and reverse cult. Reverse cultism is never accepting he is great at many things. When you are flooded with good news, their combined effect is lower than sum of each separately. Same for successful people. A person who has done 10% of the things he had done would be considered great. But it is a cool thing to go “apple bad”, “elon bad” as a part of the reverse cult.
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    I cracked up when I read he asked the Twitter guys to print a screenshot of code they had written.
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    @aviophile Lemme get this straight...

    I'm in a reverse cult because I have an opinion regarding Elon Musk *personality*?

    Jesus Christ, humanity is really fucked.

    I'm just stating my opinion.

    He is an arsehole. It has nothing to do with his accomplishments, success or whatever. That dude is just an arsehole, plain and simple. Though when speaking of his accomplishments, many of his decisions are questionable - but that's another story. I'm just talking about his personality, and his personality is definitely shitty as hell.

    And apple is bad, yes. Because their quality assurance is non-existent, their prices unreasonable and their design questionable.
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    he's still rich and sends rockets to space so there's that.

    I mostly don't like Elon's views on AI.

    Regarding twitter, I think it was a weird shitstorm from the start... remember he wanted to buy twitter, but then he supposedly discovered that a big part of the userbase was bots, and he wanted to step down from the purchase but was sued and forced to buy it anyway... I bet he feels bitter about twitter and that's probably why he's pushing on it so hard to stop bleeding money...

    But in the end, the dude is just a weird guy that knows stuff about business. Even with PayPal, he just co-founded it, he didn't code it... He's not like Gates, he's more like Jobs, except not as charming
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    @ostream Still not accurate:

    "Musk co-founded X.com, a direct bank. X.com merged with Confinity in 2000 to form PayPal. "

    So I guess he co-founded a *part* of PayPal
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    @ostream Yeah, the point is, he's not a programmer and never really was. He just handles the money and decisions. And to be fair, say what you will about him, but he has the money to back his decisions up. Perhaps he was more stable in the past, perhaps he's just an autist and the only thing he can do right is follow the money, or maybe he was just lucky.

    But to his credit, at the very least he's pouring the money into space exploration, which at least in my opinion is one of the most important research we can do in the 21st century. So I'd rather have Elon Musk than some random billionaire who invests in some other bullshit.

    Not to mention, driving Twitter to the ground is what we should've collectively had done at least 10 years ago.
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    @Hazarth he is half knowledged degenerate, mistaking tesla founder story with paypal lol. He is a lost cause, ignore him
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    @IntrusionCM you couldn’t get it straight. i replied to you because you mentioned cult and from that point, I made a custom definition of reverse cult where evverything about X person is bad or overrated if he is disliked. If this definition does not define for you, I simply don’t address you.

    Here is the most detailed article I could find about his programming history


    Tldr: he is not great coder but he is ahead of the curve(selling a simple game for 500 dollar when he was 12. Salarymen’s or hackerrank spammers’ criticism fall s flat against with his unique combination of features.
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    @aviophille das ist cringe
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    @Demolishui get yojr point. Being ignorant is fine . But being ignorant while protrayin yourself as the opposite is not fine
    Have you seen his tweets about microservice? About android programming? About restapi (he still in the RPC time)
    Come on this is not an innocent ignorance.
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    @helnux no I don't read his posts, I don't have Elon derangement syndrome. I really didn't care about twitter before, and I certainly don't care now. But I find it amusing to watch people complain about him on devrant.
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    I wouldn't put good money on him knowing anything worth knowing about rockets either.

    Word is there was an entire layer of management at his other companies dedicated largely to just babysitting him. The difference with Twitter is no such layer already existed and he fired people who he saw as pointless but who might have been able to do something similar.
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    @daniel-wu That's very true, a good manager doesn't need to know everything about the business they run or the industry.

    However, Elon has shown time and time again, that he doesn't particularly have a clue how certain things work when, as a CEO, he should.
    And a lot of people forget that some of the businesses he claim to have revolutionised or created were made by others and bought by him.

    I've also heard and read stories from former employees (in Space-X, Tesla and recently Twitter) that:
    - he's a micromanaging child who wants his employees to spend their own life working and living in offices,
    - he cannot manage businesses on his own without PAs and such baby seating him,
    - he only cares about seat warmers who make him money and not maintaining a healthy work culture.
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    @ostream He certainly loves to claim he's the founder of all of the companies that he bought which is ridiculous.
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    @Hazarth Don't forget that he claimed Twitter was anti free-speech and full of bots (without any sources) and the moment he took over he was musing about deleting tweets he didn't agree with and such which caused another shit storm about the his "free" speech hypocrisy.

    And that any Twitter employees who weren't keen on working themselves to death (IIRC 100h+/week) were going to be fired (including those who are key to Twitter operating and running smoothly).
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