Finally D-Booted Ubuntu on my home computer.
Now I'm just waiting for the frantic texts from my wife during the work week telling me "I hate this new system, get it off our computer."
You must learn CLI. It is the only way to inner peace.

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    "It's the only way to inner peace."
    *Continues messily hacking X Server back together*
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    I'm slowly teaching my fiancee how to use/install Linux. I've basically made it a rule that any computer we own cannot run Windows, so the more she learns now, the better.

    She doesn't seem to mind, which is good for me.
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    @RiderExMachina The breaking point for me was when two different computers running Windows both completey broke off from the hard drive within as many months.
    Our household is now under a lifetime Windows embargo.
    Wife's work computer still uses W10, and apparently I can't d-boot it because they don't want anyone fucking with their computers.
    "but honey, it's not fucking with it if I make it better. Your IT guy will understand. He'll probably thank me and take us out for steak dinners!"
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    @RiderExMachina Mind you, this is the one company my wife has ever worked for who DIDN'T insist on using IE, so I assume their IT department is not staffed by incompetent degree-mill "graduates."
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    I dunno, I worked for a company who had a good IS department but still regulated browsers to IE or Chrome. If I were to hazard a guess it's due to Microsoft being like "these protocols we use for intranet only work in IE".
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    @vanhoosr you should speak with 'the IT guy' first before you nuke windows and get linux, it's about wasting windows licenses vs 'relocating' them.
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    @RiderExMachina I met someone online and found out their dad was a linux guy. When I visited them I found out he doesn't allow windows in the house, glad I was a linux user at that moment 😅
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    @sour Ah yes, Microsoft's secret weapon: Licenses.
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