it's funny, how doing something for ages but technically kinda the wrong way, makes you hate that thing with a fucking passion.

In my case I am talking about documentation.

At my study, it was required to write documentation for every project, which is actually quite logical. But, although I am find with some documentation/project and architecture design, they went to the fucking limit with this shit.

Just an example of what we had to write every time again (YES FOR EVERY MOTHERFUCKING PROJECT) and how many pages it would approximately cost (of custom content, yes we all had templates):

Phase 1 - Application design (before doing any programming at all):
- PvA (general plan for how to do the project, from who was participating to the way of reporting to your clients and so on - pages: 7-10.
- Functional design, well, the application design in an understandeable way. We were also required to design interfaces. (Yes, I am a backender, can only grasp the basics of GIMP and don't care about doing frontend) - pages: 20-30.
- Technical design (including DB scheme, class diagrams and so fucking on), it explains it mostly I think so - pages: 20-40.

Phase 2 - 'Writing' the application
- Well, writing the application of course.
- Test Plan (so yeah no actual fucking cases yet, just how you fucking plan to test it, what tools you need and so on. Needed? Yes. but not as redicilous as this) - pages: 7-10.

- Test cases: as many functions (read, every button click etc is a 'function') as you have - pages: one excel sheet, usually at least about 20 test cases.

Phase 3 - Application Implementation
- Implementation plan, describes what resources will be needed and so on (yes, I actually had to write down 'keyboard' a few times, like what the actual motherfucking fuck) - pages: 7-10.
- Acceptation test plan, (the plan and the actual tests so two files of which one is an excel/libreoffice calc file) - pages: 7-10.
- Implementation evalutation, well, an evaluation. Usually about 7-10 FUCKING pages long as well (!?!?!?!)

Phase 4 - Maintaining/managing of the application
- Management/maintainence document - well, every FUCKING rule. Usually 10-20 pages.
- SLA (Service Level Agreement) - 20-30 pages.
- Content Management Plan - explains itself, same as above so 20-30 pages (yes, what the fuck).
- Archiving Document, aka, how are you going to archive shit. - pages: 10-15.

I am still can't grasp why they were surprised that students lost all motivation after realizing they'd have to spend about 1-2 weeks BEFORE being allowed to write a single line of code!

Calculation (which takes the worst case scenario aka the most pages possible mostly) comes to about 230 pages. Keep in mind that some pages will be screenshots etc as well but a lot are full-text.

Yes, I understand that documentation is needed but in the way we had to do it, sorry but that's just not how you motivate students to work for their study!

Hell, students who wrote the entire project in one night which worked perfectly with even easter eggs and so on sometimes even got bad grades BECAUSE THEIR DOCUMENTATION WASN'T GOOD ENOUGH.

For comparison, at my last internship I had to write documentation for the REST API I was writing. Three pages, providing enough for the person who had to, to work with it! YES THREE PAGES FOR THE WHOLE MOTHERFUCKING PROJECT.

This is why I FUCKING HATE the word 'documentation'.

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    If I may add, I never got a good grade. I simply refused to write ALL that documentation. The one time I did write everything, it got turned down every motherfucking time, resulting in me having one week to program.

    In the end, they had the fucking guts to ask me 'why my program was unstable'.
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    @linuxxx woah...that seriously gave me a minor headache just reading your post. I don't even know if I can honestly say that learning all of these things will make you a better systems admin or anything like that, but thats some fucked up CIA-torture shit right there.
    Fuck them and their twisted ways, I don't know how you do it senpai. That's legendary status...next level shit! ++
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    @KidLaser Thanks! I, for some reason, made my exams very successfully (hell, most people took hours to finish their server setup, I was done in about 20 minutes xD)
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    @linuxxx Haha yeah I remember reading something about that Mr.Linux lol you're a straight baller. I really hope you come across someone who realizes the potential you can offer their company and ends up having to pull every string they can just to keep you in business with them! For real dude, you obviously know your shit and work hard at what you do - somebody ought to be offering their families up to you by now๐Ÿ˜‚...woah and like train them to be little coding slaves๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Disregard that last part, slavery is frowned upon. Anyways, any chance you or @ewpratten will be touching the site at all tonight?
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    @KidLaser Yes I'm at my laptop as we speak!
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    Yeah!! Get 'em!

    ...Wait is @ewpratten taking part as well?
    Nevermind don't answer that - stay focused and keep away from devRant lol.
    I'm staying up just in case you do post an update; be it another page deployment or maybe an idea discussion. I don't care, I look forward to it.
    God-speed @linuxxx-senpai!
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    @KidLaser I can post a picture of a part of the current real page design I have right now?
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    @linuxxx hell yeah post everything you've got!
    Do you use some other sort of chat app or anything like that where you can keep everyone updated more easily though? I understand that it shouldn't be a monumental concern right now, I just think it might be a bit more convenient to post updates and discussions elsewhere...idk though maybe devRant is the solution for everything haha!
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    @KidLaser I'm a frequent Tox, Signal and Riot user :). And let me get a screenshot :) (just remember, I only spend like an hour on this (yes frontend isn't my strong point but I like what I made!))
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    Hereby! (@ewpratten Riot is down so couldn't send it to you so hereby!)
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    @KidLaser Aaaaaand I just noticed the typo xD
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    @KidLaser Okay so I didn't know I had to remove the attached image when posting a new comment...
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    I love the simplicity, It's definitely easy on the brain when combing threw reasons to use a certain app. Are you going to have those pros and cons clickable to display certain details about the individual reasons or link them to some sources...orrr? I don't know but I'm definitely going to give Riot a try so I can keep in touch.
    You're definitely headed in the right direction! This website idea would seem invaluable for almost any digital consumer, I'm glad you guys are actually going through with this!
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    @KidLaser Invaluable being a good thing? And thanks for the encouragement, appreciate it! As for the clicking thingy, hmm, good idea, let me look into this :).
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    lol fuck a typo save that for some other code monkey *cough cough me*
    No but all in all I am digging the layout, is this deployed to the site already? Haha I could just keep my browser open on your site, that'd be a dope way of staying updated.
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    @linuxxx invaluable as in someone(no one) should live without this sort of information. You're doing this world a great service of not having to bounce around hundreds of blogs or docs that may or may not exist and placing all that need-to-know info right into those cozy little lists.
    Fan-boy shit aside, I seriously love what you are trying accomplish.
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    @KidLaser Nothing is live right now, all is on my laptop but when I get some more examples done, I'll definitely deploy!
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    @KidLaser Appreciate that, a lot!
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    @KidLaser Let me know your riot.im username as well so we can keep in touch :)
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    @linuxxx What the hell are you still talking to me for - go forth senpai and build! lol and when you talk to @ewpratten tell him to quit being lazy ๐Ÿ˜†
    I will install riot soon and let you know when I got everything set up.
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    @KidLaser I've done some general server stuff and getting ready for bed now as it's a quarter past 2 am and I have to wake up at around 8 am ๐Ÿ˜…. But seriously, let me know your username when you've registered!
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    @linuxxx haha nice oh and my username is ๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ’ฅ @KidLaser
    Btw next time youre tinkering with the backend prepare that load balancer because when this shit hits beta it's going to be crazy!
    Also yesterday I didn't get a chance to appreciate your success in setting up ssl...so uh thanks for making me feel safer as well haha
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    @KidLaser I honestly hope this is going to turn out awesome and that's why I've got some more features planned that won't be revealed until release :). Will add you tomorrow!
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    @linuxxx sweet! Thanks, I'm already digging the Riot environment, I don't know why I've never used this.
    Anyways hope to hear from you tomorrow, dream up some sick features tonight, later senpai.
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    @linuxxx man, i love writing docs because you can demonstrate You understand your project you worked on and explain it to people that see it for the first time.... But damn your situation there is way over the top.

    Documentation should be something brief and short, just containing the required info, nothing more!
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    @NeatNerdPrime agreed, I have nothing against docs whatsoever but to put someone through that much scrutiny and then expect a perfect application all within an unreasonable dealine, fuck that.
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    And let's be honest after you wrote a long and exhausting doc you kinda feel proud of yourself ๐Ÿ™ƒ
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    @Marlo Nahh not really tbh :P
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    @linuxxx Maybe in your case not you've been abused my poor son ๐Ÿ˜ฏ
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    Aca-freaking-*wait for it*-demia 4u.
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    @linuxxx did you by any chance do "MBO niveau 4 Applicatieontwikkeling"?
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    @FMashiro Yeah.... ๐Ÿ˜“
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    @linuxxx just finished it too, it was absolutely horrible, just started HBO-ICT not sure if I'm going to go ti or software engineering...

    Mind saying which school you did that education? I was at rocmn in kanaleneiland / Nieuwegein :p
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    @FMashiro Just removed that comment for privacy reasons :)
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    @linuxxx I like how you removed that comment but posted a selfie :p
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    @FMashiro I was expecting that comment xD. Well it's like, my selfies are quite over the internet as i've been a non-privacy fool myself so although you've gotta know my first and last name, I'm not THAT hard to find.

    As for where I live etc (or around what area) is deffo not all over the internet!
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